Sex Education doesn’t seem to end so soon as it is all set to return with a third season

Sex Education impressed the viewers with its quirky style, outrageous humour and honest portrayal of adolescent sexuality in the second season. With a successful second season, Netflix on 10th February announced that Sex Education will be returning to the screens with new episodes, set to enter the production later this year.

The first season of Sex Education was in Netflix’s top 10 most streamed series for 2019. It is believed that if the third season follows the same pattern as seasons one and two, then we can probably expect a third run in January 2021.

Series creator Laurie Nunn has also told The Hollywood Reporter that she thinks the show’s characters have “got legs” and that Sex Education could run for several more seasons.

Although there has been no such confirmation regarding the cast, we’d expect the full slate of main characters to return – so you can probably be a treat to see more of Otis, Maeve, Eric, Jean, Adam, Aimee and Jackson in the future.

Credits: Tyla

The season 2 begins with Otis trying to navigate his relationship with Ola and While navigating comes to terms with his newfound sex drive. Things get complicated by a number of factors, Later in the season, he discovers that his mother has begun a relationship with Ola’s father. Meanwhile, he is also hit by the revelation that Maeve has a crush on him.

By the end of the season, he’s made more than a few enemies – embarrassing himself with an excruciating drunken speech at a party where he lambasts both Ola and Maeve before he goes on to lose his virginity to Ruby, one of the school’s popular girls. Later he realises his mistake and sends a voicemail to Maeve, which is deleted by her new friend Isaac before she could even listen to that.

With the second season once again ending with a few unresolved threads, fans will be desperate to know when they can expect another trip to Moordale Secondary School.

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