SEVENTEEN Makes History, Selling Over 6 Million Copies of One Album – Unprecedented Achievement!

SEVENTEEN Becomes First K-Pop Artist In History To Sell Over 6 Million Copies Of One Album


SEVENTEEN, the widely popular K-pop idol group, has achieved a monumental milestone in their career. Their latest mini album, titled “FML,” has shattered records by selling over 6 million copies, making them the first K-pop artist in history to achieve this incredible feat. In just over two months since its release in April, “FML” has not only become the best-selling Korean album of all time but also garnered worldwide recognition and acclaim.

SEVENTEEN Sets New Sales Record

K-pop fans around the world have showered SEVENTEEN with immense support, leading to their remarkable achievement of selling over 6 million copies of “FML.” This sales record surpasses any previous numbers seen in the Korean music industry, solidifying their place as trailblazers and trendsetters.

First-week Sales Triumph

SEVENTEEN’s “FML” also gained attention for its outstanding performance in the first week of its release. With an unprecedented number of copies sold, the album broke records, including the highest first-week sales ever recorded on the Hanteo chart. This achievement speaks volumes about the group’s immense popularity and devoted fanbase.

Billboard 200 Success

The success of “FML” extended beyond Korean shores, as SEVENTEEN debuted at an impressive No. 2 on the prestigious Billboard 200 chart. This remarkable achievement signifies their growing global influence and places them at the forefront of the K-pop wave sweeping the international music scene.

Thriving on Global Charts

SEVENTEEN’s popularity and impact transcends borders, with their music resonating with fans from various corners of the globe. The worldwide sales of “FML” reached a staggering 3 million copies on its first day of release, underlining the incredible demand for their unique sound and captivating performances.


Exciting news awaits SEVENTEEN’s fans as the group is set to embark on their highly anticipated FOLLOW tour, starting on July 21-22 in Seoul. Their energetic and breathtaking live performances promise an unforgettable experience for concert-goers, further solidifying their position as a powerhouse in the music industry.

The Journey of “FML”

SEVENTEEN’s 10th mini album, “FML,” marks an important milestone in their discography. With its double title track, “F*ck My Life” and “Super,” the album showcases the group’s versatility and musical growth. Additionally, three unit songs, including “Fire” by the Hip-hop Team, “Dust” by the Vocal Team, and “I Don’t Understand but I Luv U” by the Performance Team, add diverse flavors to the overall album.

Always Yours: The Japanese Album

SEVENTEEN’s artistic endeavors extend beyond their Korean releases. On August 23 this year, they will be releasing their new Japanese album, “Always Yours.” This highly anticipated album promises fresh and exciting music for their dedicated Japanese fanbase.


SEVENTEEN’s remarkable achievement of selling over 6 million copies of their mini album “FML” has propelled them into a league of their own. As the first K-pop artist to achieve this feat, they have solidified their status as pioneers and trendsetters in the music industry. With their unwavering dedication, talent, and loyal fanbase, SEVENTEEN’s future looks bright, and even greater success seems imminent.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How long did it take for SEVENTEEN to sell over 6 million copies with “FML”?

SEVENTEEN achieved this incredible milestone in just over two months since the release of “FML.”

2. Did “FML” break any other records apart from being the best-selling Korean album?

Yes, “FML” also set a new record for the highest first-week sales of any album in Hanteo history.

3. Which chart did SEVENTEEN rank No. 2 on with “FML”?

SEVENTEEN debuted at No. 2 on the prestigious Billboard 200 chart with “FML.”

4. What upcoming project can SEVENTEEN fans look forward to?

SEVENTEEN will be releasing their new Japanese album, “Always Yours,” on August 23 this year.

5. How many unit songs are included in SEVENTEEN’s “FML” album?

“FML” features three unit songs, including “Fire” by the Hip-hop Team, “Dust” by the Vocal Team, and “I Don’t Understand but I Luv U” by the Performance Team.