Series Star Kate Mara Reveals The Underlying Truth Behind Episode 5 Of New HULU Show, A Teacher

Hulu’s newest show A Teacher has already been grabbing eyeballs for its bold content and a forbidden love story between a teacher and her student which soon tales a rather unwanted turn with too many complications on the way.

Hulu Series, A Teacher, And The Sexual Power Dynamics Lying Underneath It!

The show, particularly the fifth episode has grabbed enough attention from viewers, and now leading star Kate Mara has explained the whole meaning behind the aggressive table sex scene that is creating quite a stir amongst viewers. The show is quite an erotic one with a story that is grabbing viewers’ attention as well. 

As the show focuses on a forbidden relationship between Claire and her student Eric played by Nick Robinson, the fifth episode is about a secret gateway that ends in a rather aggressive intimate scene. As Mara explains, it is about the power dynamics and how Eric is intimidated by her marriage with her husband and the sex scene is just an attempt for Eric to get her power back. If you haven’t already seen the show yet, here’s the official trailer for you all !


Series Star Kate Mara Explains The Meaning Behind The Table Scene In Episode 5!

Mara goes on to explain how every scene is well planned and has a deep meaning lying underneath it. Despite the aggressive behavior that Eric displays in episode 5 it is Claire who is holding the power card at the end. The show finale will be coming on December and we will get to know what lies ahead of this doomed love story and how this truth will end up destroying several lives in the series. We will get to see it all!