Seo Ye Ji & Park Byung Eun the Leading Contenders to Star in Upcoming ‘Eve’s Scandal’

A K-drama called “Eve’s Scandal”

Owned by E&M Division of CJ E&M, tvN is a nationwide television network of South-Korea. In addition, a variety of shows and television series, tvN contains a bunch of entertainment content. Still, tvN occupied with the production of a new K-drama called “Eve’s Scandal.”

An upcoming K-drama tells the inside story of the $1.7Billion divorce suit of a Chaebol worth approximately 2 trillion won. Chaebol is a South Korean business conglomerate controlled by someone or a family. Furthermore, Yoon Young Mi is the writer of the drama. And it was recently discovered that Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun are being consider for the lead roles.

Seo Yea Ji
Credits: Instagram @seoyeajiluv

Seo Ye Ji making a comeback to K-drama after a year

According to TvN, a script for Eve’s Scandal has been given to Seo Ye Ji and the network is currently waiting for a reply. Also, Seo Ye Ji’s agency “GOLDMEDALIST” offered the role to the actress and she is currently reviewing it. Nevertheless, Park Byung Eun, a South-Korean actor, is also in talks for the drama with Seo Ye Ji.

A source of CJeS Entertainment reports that Park Byung Eun received an offer for the upcoming K-drama and he is also reviewing it. Finally, “Eve’s Scandal” will be the comeback of Seo Ye Ji to K-Drama. Almost a year after her role in the K-drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

Byung Eun Park
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The story of the most expensive divorce lawsuit

Seo Ye Ji will play the role of Lee Ra El, the daughter of a genius father and a beautiful mother. After experiencing a wretched family affair, she converts into a woman with lethal charms. Briefly, Lee Ra El is the defendant in this outrageously expensive lawsuit.

In contrast, Park Byun Eun has been offered the role of CEO of the No. 1 Corporate Group in the financial world. If Park Byung Eun ends up accepting this role, this will be his first drama with him in the lead role. A precise release date is not reveal yet. However, the drama is most likely to release during the Early 2022.