Selena Gomez’s First Kiss Was With Dylan Sprouse. “It was one of the worst days of my life!”


The mega pop star Selena Gomez reminisced about her first on-screen kiss. Gomez was featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she talked on length about Cole Sprouse who was her childhood crush.

The twenty-seven-year-old played a guest role on Disney’s then popular show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The show had primarily starred the twins Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse who are now twenty-seven-year-old.

Worst day of her life?

Gomez said to PEOPLE magazine that she was clearly obsessed with that show. She used to think that her and Cole will end up getting together someday. According to PEOPLE, Gomez starred in one episode called “A Midsummer’s Nightmare”. She played the role of the twins’ classmate Gwen who had to kiss one of the lead actors for a school play. Gomez ended up kissing Dylan Sprouse, much to her disappointment.

She later exclaimed that it was her first kiss in front of the camera and it proved to be one of the worst days of her life.

Cole Sprouse commented under the article about Selena Gomez’s disappointing moment. He said mentioning his twin brother that no girl has ever said anything like this about him. The Instagram account Comments by Celebs shared it on their page and tagged Cole’s girlfriend Lili Reinhart indicating for her to comment on this.

Juan or Cole?

In September 2019, Gomez shared a video on her official Instagram. It featured an old whiteboard from her house in Grand Prairie, Texas where she grew up. The video showed how eleven-year-old Gomez fancied Cole.

She wrote down in the caption that her heart was confused between Cole Sprouse and someone named Juan. “Selena + Juan” and “Selena Cole Sprouse 4-Ever!!” was written on the whiteboard.

Selena Gomez’s latest album Rare was released this January.