Selena Gomez Gets Candid about her Breakup with Justin Bieber & how it Inspired her Recent Music!!!

Selena Gomez is finally back in action after having a couple of rough years in her recent past.

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The video for Rare is out now 💖🌈🦋 link in bio

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Gomez’s latest album displays her past

Now, she’s come up with her new album Rare. It was not easy for her to start off with music again due to a couple of reasons. The major reason being that the breakup with Justin Bieber has affected her the most. She has expressed that her latest album sought after to be a nightmare to deal with but she did it in the best possible way she could.

Earlier in 2017, she claimed that she was ready to work on the album but she went through a lot that kept her away from music for a while. After experiencing the worst days of her life, she finally found some ways that could heal her and bring her back to work and make the new album.

She underwent some drastic changes that can be possibly referenced to her breakup with The Weekend, to get get back with her ex Justin Bieber in October 2017. The couple dated for a year before breaking up again in the year of 2018.

After the breakup, Justin did not give Selena one more chance and went on to date and marry Hailey Baldwin in 2018. That went very fast. Selena was broken after that and this drastic shift in her life is in her own words inspired the music behind her latest album.

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There must be a sweeter place. #Rare

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It was very painful for her fans due to the star’s absence from the stage of music. Many of them lamented about her breakup and kidney failure. She got teary-eyed talking about her fans. She stated that she loves her fans because they have supported her a lot in her journey. She came up telling them that it was the power of music that inspired her to make a comeback in the field.