Selena Gomez Stalks Justin Bieber’s Instagram Account during Quarantine! All deets inside


Selena Gomez stalks her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s Instagram account. However, it did not go unnoticed. She liked and unliked two pictures from Justin’s profile. This definitely got us all wondering.Selena Gomez - Wikipedia

Selena’s take about the two:

Selena had earlier stated that the eight-year relationship with Justin Bieber definitely had given her emotional abuse. Fans went crazy when they came to know that Selena had likes few pictures on Justin’s account and unliked the same picture. However, they claim that it could be a hacker.

The Pictures:

Selena Gomez had liked Justin’s picture captioned “thug life” on Saturday. One of her fans had screenshotted the like but the like had disappeared later. The second photo that was liked was a Jelena fan’s photo. #0 minutes after liking it had disappeared.

Fans make conclusions:Selena Gomez Insta-Stalks Justin Bieber Without Following Him

Fans say that could possibly be hackers that had liked Justin’s picture. Consequently, few others had stated that Selena is messed up and she needs to put down her phone.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s Relationship:

Selena and Justin were on and off from 2010 to 2018. The couple ended things in 2018. As soon as they ended, Justin Bieber’s marriage with Hailey Baldwin came as a shocker to all the fans across the globe. Selena has stated in many situations that her previous relationship was “toxic” and also being “abusive” at times. Fans are wondering what the 27-year-old singer was up to liking a shirtless picture of her ex-boyfriend on Instagram.

Well, certainly the singer’s activity has evidence from the fans that are keeping their eyes wide open. Well, we all are bound to have such a situation. Quarantine has certainly shown us a lot of twists. We have not had Selena address this. We all are eagerly waiting or it. Justin Bieber has also not reacted to this kind of a situation.