Selena Gomez’ new single ‘Lose You To Love Me’ out now!! Is this her final adieu to Justin Bieber?

After a long break of 4 years, Selena Gomez has finally dropped out her new single ‘Lose you to Love me.’ This new heartbreaking track is shot in black and white on an iPhone.

Over the weekend, Selena confirmed that she would soon release her new single. Since then, fans were expecting a more or enough of Justin Beiber connection as it was going to be her solo after a very long gap. And no doubt they were right! The video confirms many references to her past relationship and Justin. Overall Lose You To Love Me clearly illustrates Selena’s state of mind over the last year.

The video of the track portrays Selena disturbed and heartbroken. Gomez begins the song with references about the vows of her former lover, which she fell for. She chose to put him before her, but her world was set on multiple fires, and he let it burn. She saw the signs but decided to ignore it. Check out the heart-wrenching track below.

After the release of the song, Selena wrote that this song was inspired by several life events that happened with her since her last single. She wanted people to feel hope and know that after all the difficulties and heartbreaks, they can come out with a stronger and better version of themselves.

Bieber and Gomez started dating each other back in 2010, and since then, we’re in an on-off relationship till they finally got separated in 2018. The split was turned into breakup when, within six months of separating, Justin got engaged and married Hailey Baldwin in September 2018.

Gomez never commented on her love life after her bitter breakup. However, the song Lose You To Love Me is now considered as her first public comment on her love life and seems to be her last and final goodbye to the Jelena Era.