Selena Gomez is ready to give dating a chance but who is getting lucky? The singer shares her views and expectations regarding relationships!

Selena Gomez released two new songs, ‘Lose You to Love Me’ and ‘Look at Her Now.’ Clearly, the songs depict the journey through a relationship: the struggles, heartbreak, and recovery. Surely, this has a grain of truth as Selena Gomez’s real-life has experienced the same.

Now, the 27-year-old singer is ready to give her love life a chance. After suffering through a relationship with bad effects on her, the singer took a break.

Now, in a candid interview with Zach Sang Show, the celebrity revealed that she is ready to be in a relationship again.


The ‘Look at her now’ singer shared that she has been single for almost two years. So, after this break, she is back to consider dating. She described her previous relationship as toxic.

Though, she described it flawlessly and rationally. She claimed that the relationship she experienced was for the first time. She dived in it but did not know how to process it all. So she thought that what all it comprised was love. Instead, it turned a little toxic. Co-dependency, passion, and frustration are mistaken as love. Fighting or making certain gestures was seen as love.

Her present views:

So she withdrew herself from falling in love and getting involved in any relationship. Now, she is prepared to experience what love consists of and presents in her life.

As she gets mature, her perspective has solidified regarding what she seeks. Further, she describes her expectations in a real relationship. Learning from her past relationships, she wants a non-toxic and non-codependent relationship. And as one gets older, one finds the right person as their thinking coincide.

Still, she is enjoying her single life. Thus she is in no hurry but contemplating what she could give and receive in a relationship. Importantly, she considers transparency as a must. And she wants to fall in love deeply and passionately but not lose herself in that. Balance is also important.

No name-shaming on Gomez’s part

Still, she did not name anyone. But looking at her past relationships, we would make a sure guess. 

Justin Bieber and Gomez have been in on again-off again relationship. The singers were last seen as a couple in March 2018. The resulting heartbreak inspired her music.

Then, Justin Bieber rekindled the romance with his ex Hailey Baldwin. Moreover, they got married in a span of a few months. 

And in 2017, The Weeknd and Gomez’s relationship also deserves mention since they parted ways soon and moved on.

To sum up, we are glad that the Disney star has taken the leap to open herself to love again. It requires a lot of strength and courage to move on after experiencing a bad relationship. But time and will to move on heals everything.