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Selena Gomez Is All Set To Launch Her Own Ice-Cream Flavor In Order To Promote Her Upcoming Song!

It seems like singing sensation Selena Gomez has come up with a perfect promotional plan to create hype for her upcoming music track. What is this plan all about? Well, let us have a look at it.

Selena Gomez Is Inverting In An IceCream Brand As A Part Of Her New Single Music Track.

Apart from launching her own beauty brand named Rare, the singer has recently invested in an ice cream brand called Serendipity. The brand is a popular name and a New York ice cream restaurant Serendipity3 as well. There is a special reason for this recent investment. Take a look at this social media post where the singer is seen having some ice-cream from the same brand and expressing her love for it.

The Rare hitmaker is all set to release her brand new single Ice Cream with the K-pop supergroup BlackPink. She has also announced that she is going to launch a brand new ice cream flavor in order to create more hype for her upcoming song.

Selena Gomez Will Be Releasing A New Ice Cream Flavor.

Moreover, the singer has expressed her love for the ice cream brand and is all set to launch her own flavor named the Cookies & Cream Remix. The flavor is going to b available from 28th August, the same day when the song is also going to drop, making it all the more interesting. Take a look at this social media post about the new ice-cream flavor.

Young artists are constantly promoting their works by associating their brand with the things they can relate, these collaborations are hugely instrumental to create a buzz amongst the younger generation via social media.

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