Selena Gomez has released her new music video “Boyfriend.” The complete story behind creating this song.

By 3 months ago

Our World is going through a tough time, but we should appreciate the efforts which our artists are putting in to entertain their fans. That’s what Selena Gomez did. She launched her new music video, “Boyfriend.” Read on to know the complete story behind creating this song.

Selena Gomez visited episode of New Music Daily with Zane Love along with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels on Friday. And she spoke about the inspiration which forced her to create this music video “Boyfriend.”

And three of them revealed that an inspiration for creating “Boyfriend” comes from a text message. A lot of discussions happened in the episode, but one thing Gomez made very clear was the difference between the words “want” and “need.” She said both the words are essential, so we made sure to make that very clear.

Selena Gomez also shared her feelings on Instagram. She wrote, “I know you all are aware of how excited I’ve been to release my new music video “Boyfriend.” The song is lighthearted, it is a feeling of falling down and getting back up in love, and time to get back in love. But at the same, your heart should know that you don’t need anyone other than yourself to be happy.”

Selena Gomez music video “Boyfriend” overview

The music video “Boyfriend” premiered last Friday, 10 April. And her fans felt like a rocking mashup of The Bachelorette, The Princess, and The Frog.

The music video covered many magical theories. Selena was seen securing a magic potion from women casually playing cards at the dry cleaners. And then her expression on meeting a man in the music video and saying that, “it feels like dating!

The music video is full of surprises. Watch the full video if you haven’t watched it yet.