Seinfeld Actor Richard Herd Has Passed Away At The Age Of 87! Check out to know the reason behind his death and more.

It is a sad day indeed as the acting fraternity lost one of its gems in the form of Seinfeld actor Richard Herd passed away at the age of 87.

Actor Richard Herd Has Passed Away. He Appeared In The Popular Sitcom Seinfeld!

A rep has informed the sad news to various media and news outlet that the actor died. The actor was suffering from cancer related issues and was surrounded by his side in Los Angeles.

Late actor Herd appeared in total 11 episodes of popular hit sitcom Seinfeld, playing Mr. Wilhelm who was George Costanza’s played by Jason Alexander boss, while George worked for the New York Yankees. Herd also acted alongside the show’s caricature of George Steinbrenner, who was then the existing owner of the baseball team, voiced by the show’s co-creator Larry David himself.

He Has Also Made A Dew Appearances On Star Trek Franchises

Moreover, not only in this sitcom alone but also made appearances in classic film franchises including Star Trek” series, including “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Star Trek: Renegades,”. The Actor made a great impression on TV with one-off appearances on a wide range of classic shows, including “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “The O.C.” and “NYPD Blue as well. He has made quite a many appearances it seems.

We would surely miss this gem of an actor who could leave behind a mark with his short appearances as well. It is indeed a great loss for his friends and family and also for the acting world. May his soul rest in eternal peace. He will forever be remembered for his great works and his interesting roles over all these years.