Secret Invasion: First Look for the MCU Highly Awaited Series Leaked!

Secret Invasion’s secret glimpse out!

One of the most awaited series in MCU is Secret Invasion. It is most hyped because of the famous stars involved in it, Namely Samuel L Jackson(Nick Fury) and very renowned Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

The shooting glimpse has been leaked in social media that Samuel, Emilia, and other cast members are found in the shooting spot. This made the MCU fans watch the show when it releases as soon as possible.

The ‘Secret Invasion’ story

The story of Secret Invasion is mainly the Skrulls will take over the earth and Nick fury along with Hill. The role and the significance of Clarke remain a mystery. The leaked images and videos prove that she will be appearing as a stylish character considering the hair and all.

We all know that the super yet twisting thing about it is many superheroes we knew are Skrulls. This mind-blowing thing is what makes this show anticipating.

The secret glimpse

The leaked video shows us the hints that she was wearing a long coat, trousers, boots, and a red duffel bag. The film set is to appear like a Russian street. She was found walking with her co-star Cobie Smulders.

In Marvel, Universe Skrulls are introduced in the movie Captain Marvel. In which they will help Nick Fury to ensure World peace. But this time they will possess a threat and will do a secret invasion that the S.H.I.E.L.D will be take care of it.

Nick Fury
Courtesy: MCU

The Shooting is going on and maybe if the COVID spreading decreases then it will release at a scheduled time. We marvel fans love nothing more than a scheduled release of this amazing series. It is expected to premiere in late 2022.