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Season 4 of anime adaptation of Japanese light novel “Overload” is all set to roll out. Read the latest details below!

Credit: Morningpicker

If you have watched every season of Japanese anime “Overlord” then you must be aware of what sort of addiction the series is. But if you have nit watched it yet, hen you must definitely give it a chance. Since the release of the third season, fans literally lost hope for season 4. It took creators so many years to finally roll out the season 4 of must awaited series.

well, the series is all stet to come after 2 years of its last season.

When will the makers roll out season 4 of “Overload”?

Amid COVID-19 release dates of many movies and shows are suffering. So, season 4 of “Overload” is one of them. Fans are expecting that creators will finish this series soon in 2021. However, the official release date of the season 4 is yet to come.

What can be they synopsis of season 4 of “Overload”?

As we have already told you that not much has been revealed by the makers,  therefore nobody knows what season 4 will bring to us. We can only guess the plot on the basis of previous seasons. Ainz will become more powerful and strong. Plus Great Tomb and Capital Einzer will be part of the upcoming season. Albedo may confess her feeling for her beloved master. Above all, we expect Frost Dragon may lose in the series.

Moreover, the whole anime series is based on light novel. The writer of the novel is Kugane Maruyama. The series is running since 30th of July, 2012. If we guess how many seasons more we will receive from the creators, then probably we need to find how many more light novels are about to come. The author of the light novel told that there would be total 17 light novels of “Overload”.