Season 3 of Mindhunter is all set to come out soon! When is it arriving? Check out release date, plot, cast, and everything else you want to know.

All the Mindhunter fans are ready for an awe-inspiring third season. Yes, you heard it right, Neflix is going to launch the 3rd season of this hit show. Do you want to know the latest the latest updates, then scroll down the article and find what you are looking for.

The indulging psychological drama will be back….. But when ????

The dark crime series that was launched back in 2016 with the story background of the early days of the section of the FBI’s behavioural sciences unit. After the release of Mindhunter 2 fans were eagerly waiting for the show to return back again. Though it might sound disheartening for the Mindhunter fans but the director of the show, David Fincher has clearly stated his priorities in which he has mentioned that he wants to continue focusing on his animated series, Love,Death and Robots.

Also, after the second season the cast was released of its duties which indicates that there were a few chances of the show’s comeback.

When will the 3rd Season of Mindhunter start filming?

Initially, David Fincher had the plan for five seasons of Mindhunter but since the director has set his priorities, it can be observed that the project Mank would release first and then David would focus on other projects. And as far as expectations go, Mank is expected to be released in the year 2021. Apart from that, the last season of Mindhunter i.e Mindhunter Season 2 took at least eight months to film and if the same is expected for the next season to, one can expect the release of Mindhunter 3 in the year 2022.

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