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Season 2 releases soon but why the original ‘Lost in Space’ series is no longer available on Netflix?: Where else it can be streamed? Find out.

The 60’s science fiction was brought back on the screen by Netflix last year, and it is no half-baked spooky remake as many would have thought. The ten-episode season one followed the of space colonist Robbinson family adventures as finding their way to interstellar space Resolute.

The action-packed season 1 which saw the Robinsons finally make their way back to Resolute after being left stranded on the habitable planet.

Will the attack on Resolute change the trajectory of their journey? Did the alien robot cause more than we saw? After announcing the renewal of Lost in Space for the second season, one month after the season was released last April all the questions will be answered.

The complexity in the storyline might ask for stretched production with season 2 likely to air later in 2019 or early 2020. Season two will see the Robinsons traveling to an alien galaxy. It will be interesting to see if the robot makes a return?

Lost in Space’s original TV broadcast from 1965 to 1968 with 83 episodes aired was created and produced by Irwin Allen, loosely based on 1812 on the novel The Swiss Family Robinson. The classic sci-fi had the silver screen appearance in 1998 with the movie Lost in Space starring Matt LeBlanc, Willian Hurt, and Gary Oldman directed by Stephen Hopkins.

With season 2 at the horizon, some fans still wondering to find the original TV series and the movie. Netflix did stream the movie until January 2019 in the US before removing it from the roaster. Still, fans in the US can view it on video on demand, which comes at a high price.

As for the original TV series might never make a appear on Netflix with the rights reserved with 20th Century Fox. The former is itself owned by Disney quite a confusing string of affairs. July, Disney’s streaming platform may be home to the original series if our math is all right.

Danger, Will Robbinson. How real is the danger? Will the Robinsons finally make a home at Alpha Centauri? It is all on the offer with season 2 which is most likely to kick in later this year or early 2020.

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