SeaChange Season 4: Darren McMullen Grounded himself at Burleigh Heads of the Gold Coast! But why?

A superior role in the Seachange reboot was the excellent fortuitous lucky chance for Darren McMullen.

Sensing for the preceding few years that the US was flowing in an awful comely direction,the 37-year-old left Los Angeles in March for a month’s holiday in Sydney,all along which he auditioned for the role of alluring and appealing marine biologist Findlay Knox in Channel 9’s fourth season of the series, settled 20 years later the first three on the ABC.

Outside the back of that, another couple of projects came up, and now he has got an assortment of work stuffed up until September. The role is the Glasgow-born characters first performing appearance after all he left Channel 9’s House Husbands in 2015, whilst also hosting The Voice followed by Channel 7’s Behave Yourself and currently NFL Football Fanatic in the US.

Any time he has tried to leap into acting in his life, the hosting stuff invariably takes off in another direction as he says. And he has consistently been a big promoter of swimming downstream. Although the rest of the cast resided close-by to the Brunswick Heads filming location in Northern NSW, McMullen chooses to ground himself at Burleigh Heads of the Gold Coast during the three-month shoot.

He desired to give it a go, and he loved it as it was a great spot. For him, the Gold Coast was used to be gaudy craziness. Whenever he wanted a Vegas-style weekend, he would come to Surfers as a younger boy, but now it is a whole new world as he mentions. There were enormous restaurants, fascinating bars, and great people.

McMullen said he did not check out much TV growing up and have not looked at any of Seachange before he was cast as Findlay, a love attraction opposite Brooke Satchwell’s character Miranda Gibson.

McMullen commenced shooting a secret new role the day after enclosing Seachange in July, defining it as something he had always been too afraid to attempt.