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Schitt’s Creek Star Dan Levy Calls Out Comedy Central India For Gay Censorship! Check out all details here.

It seems like Comedy Central India is facing some major backlash from this popular Emmy winning actor who’d called the network out for cutting down a particular scene from a show. Who is this actor and what is the whole fiasco all about? Well, we will find that out.

Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy Backlashes Comedy Central India For Gay Censorship!

Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy recently called out Comedy Central India for censoring gay intimacy. A particular scene from the extremely popular series where two men were kissing was eventually cut out and this action was called out by the actor.

Dan Levy went on to further explain how the show is all about the power of inclusivity, however, with the gay censorship, it somehow seems to defeat the whole purpose. He took to Twitter to pen down his thoughts about this censorship.Take a look at the Twitter post made by the actor.


The Emmy Winning Actor Penned Down His Thoughts On Twitter!

The Schitt’s Creek star went on to make it clear that it is this happens at the channel in India while he also mentioned that this was not the case in American airings of the episode, saying that they on the other hand were respectful and lovely.

Moreover, with this resurfacing on social media, a Comedy Central International spokesperson has addressed the whole issue claiming that the scene was broadcast on Comedy Central India in it was with no edits whatsoever.  It was further stated that Comedy Central India completely supports and celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. It seems like while the network has addressed the concern , we wonder what the actor has to say about this. 

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