Scarlett Johansson asked Disney $100 million for Black Widow when they moved it to Disney streaming

Scarlett sued Disney

Scarlett Johansson reportedly tried to negotiate a deal with Disney after the changes in release plans of the movie “Black Widow”. As the deal she asked for $100 million for the movie before filing a lawsuit against Disney.

Scarlett Johansson

Earlier this year when Disney declared it would release “Black Widow” both in theatre and Disney plus, via premier access, who could have guessed how risky it would come out.

What happened previously?

Back in July when the movie came out it earned the biggest opening weekend of the pandemic with $80 million. And also additional $30 million in Disney grosses. There was a discussion on whether the streaming release held the movie back from more box office glory. But the matter seemed settled later.

Scarlett Johansson
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Then the actress shocked her fans and Hollywood when she sued Disney for the breach of contract. Johansson, who is also a producer of the film “Black Widow” has claimed that she was contracted a full theatrical run. And by moving the film to streaming Disney had cost actress million of dollars in bonuses. The legal battle has turned very messy. Disney has implied that Scarlett was being insensitive to the of the pandemic. The actress has slammed Disney’s response. Disney is now looking to settle the case.

What was the contract?

According to the report of “Wall Street Journal” Johansson’s lawyer tried to negotiate with Disney as soon as it was announced that “ Black Widow” will be releasing on Disney plus premier access. They pushed to make a new contract so that Scarlett Johansson can get what she deserves. According to her team “Black Widow” would have made 1.2 billion without the Covid Pandemic.

How much bonuses Johansson has earned from streaming, hasn’t been revealed yet by Disney. so it’s hard to say how much she has lost out on. But it’s clear that the actress had high expectations for Black Widow’s performance. The film didn’t went through what she had hoped.