Say “NO” to Bras! Kim Kardashian releases new product “SKIMS body tapes” to get rid of bras! Check the new sexy undergarment here!

Kim Kardashian releases her new product SKIMS body tapes to get rid of bras on November 14. Check out the details here.

Kim Kardashian founds pain-free SKIMS body tapes

It’s been nearly four years that Kim is using gaffer tape in place of bra meant that she was able to sport revealing looks without flashing her undergarments; because she is a regular wearer of skimpy outfits in which she fails to hide her undergarments. But she also found that gaffer tape is not suitable for skin. It’s been a painful journey to her. And, that’s how she landed on new SKIMS body tapes, which is pain-free.

Kim’s created a tutorial on how to use SKIMS body tapes

Kim itself created a tutorial on how to SKIMS body tapes, where she has explained about the tape, how to apply it, what bad experience she had previously with other tapes. She said, “how to tape up your boobs with boob tape.” It’s been so long, and I am using it. She also said in the video that, I hadn’t seen a kind of tape that’s out there with different variety of new colours, but I am coming with an array of colours very soon. 

Watch the tutorial here:

SKIMS I’m going to show you guys how to tape up!!!

Posted by Kim Kardashian West on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The amazing SKIMS body tape is available for $36 for a 45-foot roll, and the pasties are $12 for a pack of 10. Three different shades are there in tape, you can buy it as per your skin tone.