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Sars Bareilles Infested by Corona. Has the singer recovered? Read more

Sars Bareilles recently got active on Instagram to tell her fans how she’s doing. The 40-year-old writer and singer of She Used to Be Mine song revealed that she had actually gotten infected with the demon called, ‘coronavirus’ but she is since gotten better.

She said,” I had just so, you know I’m fully recovered, and I am just thinking about all the people who are walking through this really tricky time. I am just grateful for every easy breath. Take care of yourself.

Her fans were concerned and reacted online. One said, “are you feeling better.” Another wrote, “Sara Bareilles had Corona! I’m in shock,” she apparently saw the reaction of her disheartened fans and posted a video of her dancing with another update and how she’s doing.

It reads,” thank you all for the concern. I had a VERY MILD case of Covid and am counting my blessing for that.. I am totally fine and fully recovered.  Couple of rough days, but I promise I’m fine. Please enjoy how good my dancing has gotten with all this practice time.

Prior to her reveal, she shared a positive message on social media, posting a photo where she’s taking a picture of a cherry blossom tree. She wrote,” keep looking for what is beautiful in these dark corners.”

Sars Bareilles is currently working on a new musical TV series called Little Voice with producer and director of ‘The story of us’, Jessie Nelson. Well, her all new projects are delayed due to the lockdown, and her health issues. If such famous icons and celebrities can also get infected, it’s better to stay at home. We wish her a bright and healthier future.