Sarah Hyland Clapped Back at All the Hate Towards Ariel Winter’s Black Dress


After eleven seasons Modern Family came to an end. The cast of the series attended the last party to commemorate the end of the show. Everyone looked dashing in their evening attire especially the Dunphy sisters. Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland were twinning with their matching black dresses. Hyland was in a black spaghetti strap dress and Winter wore a sheer black dress with high waisted underwear and bra underneath.

Hyland posted the party’s highlights on Instagram. Soon after comments started pouring in about Ariel Winter’s revealing dress. People were quick to pass judgment on Winter’s dress and how she should cover herself up. Some Instagram users pointed out that Winter’s dress was odd. Hyland rushed to her on-screen sister’s rescue and clapped back on the comments.

“Everyone that is making a negative comment about my sister can back the f*** up because I WILL NOT tolerate it,” she wrote back to one of the people who questioned what was Winter thinking while choosing that dress. Another person wrote what was up with Winter’s outfit to which Hyland responded “You know that she’s 🔥?? I KNOW.”

Most of the people who were fans of both Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland simply adored their look. They complimented Winter’s dress and Hyland’s fiancé, Well Adams also complimented both the women by saying, “You ladies both look 🔥!!!”

Ariel Winter has suffered a lot of criticism from people on her style and choice of clothing. In a Modern Family event back in 2017, the twenty-two-year-old actress had faced criticism over her golden dress. She was also targeted by trolls who said that she used drugs to lose weight, all of whom she shut down.

But Hyland and Winter have a warm friendship. Hyland said that Sophia Vergara, Julie Bowen and her helped Winter get comfortable in her own body and be proud of it.