Sandra Bullock Gives Rare Glimpse Into Motherhood During Interview With Jennifer Aniston

By 5 months ago

Sandra Bullock, the Oscar winner, who is the mother of Louis, 10 and Laila, 8. She exposed her family details in an interview with Jennifer Aniston.

She expressed her thoughts about bringing her kids during conversion with her friend. She told that she looks at everybody who is attempting to bring up children. She raised few questions in the conversation with her friend. She wants to make them realize that what is good or bad in bringing up their children.

Aniston replied to her questions, that one should ensure that their kids as much as their requirements, however, they will in they’ll in the long run turn 18 and after 18, they should go out and explore the world. Sandra answered that she gave them a new place where they can head off to college. She offered three colleges to her children, where she is going to buy a condo down the road.

Bullock said that “It’s startling entering the wold, however when we do, we feel better and we’re happy we did it. She requires to give indications of progress with that. The fear of having around people.

Sandra Bullock ‘s interview with Jennifer Aniston!!

When Aniston inquired as to whether she’s helping her. Bullock kidded that when Aniston leaves the city for work her “public activity goes to a dramatic end” and she regularly remains at the house.

Aniston expressed her feelings regarding Bullock’s life that she has a dazzling home and a handsome man and two beautiful children. Even though that couple likes to keep their bond private, they’ve been going solid for around five years now. Their romance was made public shortly after they went to Aniston’s wedding with Justin Theroux.