Sally Phillips Calls Out The Show Emmerdale And Accuses Them For Being Irresponsible & Insensitive!

It seems like actor Sally Phillips has made headlines as she went on to severely accuse ITV and tagged them as irresponsible over a specific plot detail in Emmerdale. What is this all about? Let us take a quick look at the article given below.

Sally Phillips Calls Out Emmerdale For A Specific Reason!

The storyline is stirring some severe controversy as it shows a couple terminating the pregnancy after they discovered that the baby has Down syndrome. This has sparked some major debate and people are signed a petition and charities and MPs have written to ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall.

Moreover, this petition is being signed so that the plotline is called off, it is supposed to be airing this winter, but people want it to be scrapped because of a misleading message this plotline may deliver. Here’s what Sally Phillips posted on her Twitter account while voicing her concern against the plotline.


Many Have Signed A Petition To Scrap Of The Plotline.

Many have been commenting and calling out the plotline claiming that it might deliver a misleading message that says that children with Down syndrome are a burden to society and cannot live a full life. Phillips has been an active member of the organization and has a son Olly with Down’s Syndrome. The whole case has grabbed attention on social media and more people are voting their concerns against the plot line that might be a bit problematic for the Down syndrome community.


The actor further says that the reason for terminating the pregnancy could have been done without identifying a specific condition. Moreover, the reason being Down syndrome has brought unnecessary hurt to many.