Want to know about the Anime character Saitama? Here is everything you need to know and our review on the character.

Two saints and two beasts have joined the list of characters coming to One Punch Man: A Hero, Nobody, Knows, featuring in the most recent trailer for the up and coming game.

As presented by Bandai Namco, those four characters are:

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"I just have a great summer with these (crazy) guys! How is your vacation?" – Saitama . Artist: @ellenchain (via DeviantArt) / Thank you for this great fanart!

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Puri-Puri Prisoner – Jailed due to his propensity to ambush different guys, he is regardless of an S-rank saint and a power to be dealt with. Going about as the pioneer of a posse of detainees, the flashy saint got away from prison to shield regular people from the Deep Sea King. After driving up, his muscles mass increment, destroying his suit and driving him to battle bare!

“Snakebite” Snek – A-position saint and a notable contender for the Super Fight competition, the military craftsman, depends on his upgraded speed and solidarity to bring down his rivals. Subsequent to overcoming a snake-type beast, he made a suit out of its skin and now wears it as a trophy.

Crablante – Former human that transformed into a distorted shellfish molded immensity subsequent to ingesting a lot of crabs, he was additionally the main beast to ever cross Saitama’s way, when he despite everything had some hair. Crablante opened his eyes to his potential as a Hero.

Boros – Also known as the Dominator of the Universe, is the pioneer of a gathering of outsider privateers. His quality is yet to be coordinated as he scouts the system to discover commendable rivals. Earthling saints may end up being actually what he is searching for.

The game retells the occasions of the main period of the anime arrangement, as Saitama goes from being a saint who simply needs to have a ton of fun to joining the Hero Association and doing combating various apparently relentless dangers to the world. You, in any case, will get the opportunity to encounter this from another point of view, making a totally different character for the universe with an amazingly decent legend maker and doing combating through a story that zigzags all around the manga and anime arrangement’s occasions.

In the wake of playing One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows half a month prior, I’ve been smashing through the anime on Netflix and Crunchy Roll, enjoying its odd and senseless interpretation of superhuman stories. In my grasp on review, I stated, “Through everything, it feels clear that Bandai Namco has needed to think a little fresh while making a game from such a strange manga and anime arrangement. They’ll surely be trusting that, while you may desire the incredible character maker, you’ll remain for the peculiar turns they’ve placed in their 3v3 warrior.”

One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 28th February.