Saint X to be Adapted as a Series at Hulu by Oscar-winning Dee Rees

Saint X: Soon to be aired on Hulu

Dee Rees is all set to direct a TV series for Hulu. The series is an adaptation of Saint X, a psychological thriller by Alexis Schaitkin. The novel is based on Alison Thomas, who suddenly goes missing during her vacation in the Caribbean islands. The main theme focuses on finding the truth when Alison is found dead. The choice of such an interesting storyline is a very smart move by Hulu!

Hulu’s plans to implement the new series

The series on Hulu will be written by Leila Gerstein, and the series is supposed to be 8 episodes long. The novel was also praised by Vogue after its release in 2020. Gerstein, Rees, and Stephan Williams will all act as producers for the adaptation.

Saint X
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Schaitkin is another producer for the series. Dee Rees was previously nominated for Oscar in 2018, for Mudpound. Rees has also directed The award-winning movie, Bessie. Looking at the director’s success, we can look forward to another amazing adaptation.

The pursuit of truth and suspense

As Alison was found dead, an investigation was made. Unfortunately, very few results appeared as there was little evidence. In a turn of events, Alison’s sister, Claire finds a suspect years after the case was left unsolved. Some shocking discoveries were made, and Claire gets to know about her sister’s past. Her pursuit of truth turns into a dangerous event, as she explores a different side of her sister, which she was unaware of. Seems like there is a lot of suspense involved.

Another adaptation into the long list

Saint X

Saint X is going to join a long list of TV adaptations on Hulu. Hulu has always worked well with adaptations and seems like it’s adamant about continuing it. The Handmaid’s Tale, Shrill, Notes From a Loud woman, Normal People are all adaptations that Hulu has worked on. The work on the psychological adaption should be relatively easy for Hulu looking at the intensity of adaptations it already has in store!