Sailor Brinkley-Cook is 21 and Daddy Peter Cook is marrying someone younger than her!! Hiding her Age Or Saving Embarrassment?

Peter Cook, 60 is engaged to Alba, 20 who is younger than his own daughter!!

As per sources, he has been lying about her age, which is only 20 years old and younger than his previous daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, 21years old.

Peter shared the joyful news with everyone when he got engaged to blond psychology college student Alba Jancou in Greece in September this year.

When media persons asked Cook about the age of youthful damsel to whom he got engaged, and he confirmed that she is 21 years old. He further alleged that her 18th birthday was celebrated in British significant school. The post was shared on Twitter in 2017. But Alas, the post mysteriously got deleted before any proof was verified.

When investigated further, it was found that Alba will turn 21 in the coming March.

What was the reason for such a thing to hide? Maybe because Sailor, the calendar girl, is 21 and daddy dear is marrying someone younger than her is not welcomed at all. As per Cook, they both started dating when Alba turned 19. In Greece, he proposed to her and gifted a huge diamond ring. As per Peter, they are “ Soulmates.” which sounds pretty creepy to many people.

He explained, “We think about ourselves very fortunate to have identified, in every other our soulmate. We are searching forward to quite a few decades of wedded bliss!”

The only thing noteworthy is Cook’s engagement news made public rounds when his daughter was eliminated from ABC’S “ Dancing with the star “show.

The past of Peter has always remained controversial. His former wife Brinkley, 65, left him in 2006 when he was caught having an affair with his 18-year-previous business clerk, Diana Bianchi. Suzanne Shaw, his ex, now in her 40s, accused him of obtaining a “secret pathological predilection” for younger girls. They divorced in 2014.