Russian President, Vladimir Putin does his male model – Hiking in Siberia on his 67th Birthday

Vladimir Putin has decided to take a break from the state affairs. Putin, along with his officials, went to the southern Siberian mountains on Monday.

President Putin enjoys during his Vacations in Siberia

The Russian president was accompanied by the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. A video released by Kremlin shows Sergei picking mushrooms and digging out bush with wild berries.

The released video features Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shiogu driving in a two-seater buggy going into the woods. Putin is always fascinated with adventurous vacations and has attracted the media’s attention.

His wide range of activities like horse riding, underwater fishing, etc. has become a piece of prime viral news. The Russian President is seen going shirtless and showing off his bare chest during his vacations. However, this year, Putin remains fully clothed.

Russia’s action man, President Putin has visited the area over the past years, spending quality time in the lap of nature. Hiking, fishing, swimming, horse riding, driving into the wild are some of the activities Putin enjoys.

Putin and Shoigu rest as they forage for berry bushes in the vast Taiga forest

The footage that was broadcasted by Russian TV shows the President walking up the mountain and looking at the Yenisei River. At another spot, both Putin and Shoigu are seen making a campfire and enjoying the surrounding nature.

Both of them climbed around 6,500 ft, according to a Russian news agency, TASS. Putin appeared to be more relaxed this time. Russian President Putin was once a judo master and now plays ice-hockey. He is considered to offer macho pictures of the sports activities he indulges in during his vacations.

In other televised escapades underlining his love for nature, Putin accompanied a flock of cranes on a motorized hang glider, shot a tiger with a tranquilizer gun, tracked polar bears and released leopards into a wildlife sanctuary.