Russian Doll Season 2: Filming Halted Due to Coronavirus or Someone Got Infected?? We Might have to Wait Longer than Expected!!

Russian Doll is without a doubt one of the best Netflix originals. Recently it has confirmed Season 2 by its makers. They were meant to start the shooting at the end of March but due to the global pandemic of Corona virus, production has been postponed, leaving the series’ future uncertain Down below is everything you need to know regarding the upcoming second season of Russian Doll.

The web series has been nominated for five Emmys so far! This is quite of an achievement given the fact that the show is just a year old.

The web series is partly inspired by the popular 1993 movie Groundhog Day, Nadia is the guest of honor at her own birthday party, thrown by her best friend. Nadia accidentally dies upon being hit by a car but she surprisingly ends up coming back in the bathroom of the party she was attending. Demented and believing she was tripping, when Nadia begins to die over and over she starts to question her own mental stability as she tries to break free of the cycle of death she can’t escape.

Source: Netflix

What is the update on the filming of the Second Season amid the spread of Corona Virus?

According to Production Weekly, shooting for the second Russian Doll was supposed to begin on 30 March, 2020.

Sadly, with the growing threat of pandemic Corona virus and the fact that the series second season is set to be filmed in New York, it has been indefinitely postponed.

New York is heavily infected by the deadly virus and is even thought to get as bad as China, South Korea, and Italy.

Russian Doll Season 2 timeline of production

Lyonne revealed that the show’s second season hadn’t even been written in an interview with Deadline.