Russell Brand postpones tour ‘until we better understand coronavirus’

By 3 months ago

Russel Brand is one of the most popular British comedians. He had been recently in Australia where he performed his Russell Brand Recovery Live Tour, but later he announced on Friday night that  his upcoming shows would be postponed until they  get  a better understanding about the Covid-19 virus, which has already killed thousands worldwide.

He was supposed to do live shows in New Zealand, and over the next week, in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. All the shows are now called off. Russell took to Twitter and posted that he is postponing all tour dates due to corona virus.

Last week Russel was forced to cancel his gig at Perth Concert Hall in Western Australia, since a woman who attended one of his earlier shows was tested positive for Covid-19.

It was the day after that she had attended his performance , she was tested positive for Covid-19.

Normally, all his shows are fully packed, so that he does not want to risk his fans spreading the infection among themselves  or to himself. He expressed his grief for cancelling his shows on a post in Twitter. He also apologized to his fans ,and continued to say that he hoped to see them soon.

Russell’s  shows which are postponed is only an addition to the performances and festivals that are cancelled due to the spread of the highly infectious corona virus.

UK government has banned mass gatherings , following the trend of other countries, which has banned the events pulling a crowd of 500 or more. The World Health Organization,WHO has declared the virus a pandemic, since the death toll across the globe has gone over 5000.

It is made clear that the tickets of the show will be refunded, the promoter of the Russell Brand Recovery Live Tour show has confirmed.