Rumors Of Will Smith Dating Margot Robbie Amidst Jada’s Big Confession about relationship with August Alsina ! What is going on?

The whole world went in utter shock when Jada Pinkett Smith made a big relation in her talk show regarding their marriage with Will Smith. While the while controversy has skyrocketed amongst fans making it to every headline possible, another celeb’s name has also popped up.

Did Will Smith Dated Suicide Squad Co-Star Margot Robbie? Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, Jada Pinkett Smith confessed about her brief romance with singer Alsina. However, soon after this shocking confession, rumors of Will Smith also being in a short relationship with Suicide Squad co-star Margot Robbie. The actor has yet not address these rumors which anyway does not have a strong standing in the first place.

The married Smith family has often been very vocal about their relationship as a married couple and how they have been attracted to other people. While the actor went on to joke around their open relationship and wanting to sleep with someone else if given the chance!

Jada Pinkett Smith Made A Huge Revelation In Her Talk Show! Have a Look.

Jada however, has gone on to say that she is not anyone’s watcher and that she trusts Will. Will is a man of integrity and denied all rumors of having rather open marriage as speculated by fans after some of Will’s statement.

Now after the whole engagement regarding Jada’s scandalous confession has come up in the public eye, fans are speculating that even Will Smith used to have a spark with co-star Margot Robbie. While Will and Jada have been taking about their marriage time and again ,we are not sure how this new rumor will affect them , will Will talk about it in Jada’s talk show?