Rukia Kuchiki : read about this Anime character, latest updates and our review on it.

Almost all the anime lovers must have watched Rukia Kuchiki. She’s a fictional anime character from the Manga series, Bleach. The creator of the series is Tite Kubo. Rukia plays the role of a Soul Reaper in the series. Well, if you don’t know, a soul reaper is a person who is in has the responsibility of slaying evil spirits. And these evil spirits are called Hollows.

The series begins by showing the protagonist of the show Ichigo Kurosaki. Michigan has got the power to see supernatural creatures. Thus, the forces Rukia to give away her powers to him. He says that this is the only way through which she will be able to fulfill her responsibility as a soul reaper. 

Moreover, Rukia is also seen in various other creations of Bleach media. This includes the four films featured in the series, several video games, and two original animation videos. Rukia’s character was Kubo’s first creation for the series. It was her design that he thought he would request use for the creation of other soul reaper characters. 

The viewers also liked Rukia’s character and gave a positive response to it. They praised the fact that she seemed to be different from the other typical Shonen heroines. This ultimately means that Kubo was successful in his creation. She even got a second ranking in the Weekly Shōnen Jump’s Bleach popularity polls. And the achievements don’t end here; she is also the most popular female character of Bleach. 

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Her popularity has resulted in the creation of several toys like her. There are a lot of plush dolls and figurines like her used in the merchandise. And even these figurines are getting a good response in the market.