Rosita has finally broke as she pushes harsh truth onto Eugene’s heart and fans are broken apart with the unexpected ending

Season 10 of “The Walking Dead” surely had a lot of surprises for the audience, just like all the previous seasons. Additional to battling all the walkers around her, Rosita had another job of putting it up with Eugene, who is head over heels in love with her. In the latest episode of “The Walking Dead,” Rosita had ended things with Eugene.

Rosita broke up with Eugene and has dismantled the always problematic concept of “friend zone.” Eugene, a scientist in the show, has finally realized that his romantic feelings were not being reciprocated by Rosita, and as what it looks like, it all seems now better that Rosita has rejected Eugene.

For a very long time, Eugene had romantic feelings for Rosita.

Image: AMC

in the comics of “The Walking Dead,” Rosita and Eugene had a beautiful life as they got married, but in the series of AMC, Rosita actually does not reflect any of Eugene’s romantic feelings at all.

Though Rosita was seen to be in a romantic and sexual relationship with Siddiq, Spencer Monroe, Abraham, and Father Gabriel over the years and this has made it clear to everyone that she is not interested in Eugene and that she definitely not into him.

The audience saw in season 10 of “The Walking Dead” that Eugene has kept trying to insert himself into Rosita’s life as her partner and was even willing to help her take care of her daughter, whom she had with Siddiq.

In the latest episode, after Eugene kept forcing himself onto her, Rosita finally broke. Rosita said that they both would never be together, and she tried to make her words harsher than usual. She added that they weren’t together and that he needn’t pretend that he is the father of her daughter.

Eugene, for sure, must have nightmares about this, but what amazed people is that he actually took her feelings into consideration and left her alone.