‘Ronja The Robbers Daughter’-The Bestselling Book Gets A New Look By ‘The Bridge’ Creator!

‘The Bridge’ Creator To Renew ‘Ronja The Robbers Daughter’

‘Ronja the Robbers Daughter’ recorded as the bestselling book and most translated in the world. The book was written by Astrid Lindgren and it invited the readers to witness something that humans forgot.

And now the best sold book will be adapted by Hans Rosenfeldt, the creator of ‘The Bridge’. The story will be re-told through a series. The Sweedish-language series will be lead by Lisa James Larsson.

A picture of the character in the book Ronja the robbers daughter
Instagram/Astrid Lindgren

It will be produced by Bonnie Skoog Feeney and Mattias Arehn. And NENT group representative Sara Askelöf  will be the executive producer.

A Word By The Producers And The Future Ambition Of NENT Group

The exclusive news has already attracted many, and will give an amazing ride into the human aspects of life. ‘Ronja The Robbers Daughter’ will shed some light on it.

Producers Arehn and Feeney says the story gives an outlook of the struggles that an individual must go through. And one’s individuality does not come in easy, it has its own problems.

But this Nordic content will get an upgrade through a brand new series and the producers thanked NENT group for the support.

However, NENT Group also has ideas on producing two-important English films on the Nordic history. And it starts with a biopic ‘Hilma’, a story about an artist and a pioneer of feminism Hilma af Klint.

How Will The Storyline For ‘Ronja The Robbers Daughter’Flow ?

According to the book ‘Ronja the Robbers Daughter, the story is about a young girl born into a band of robbers. And the story takes place in the Scandinavian fortress in a medieval period.

Eventually, she comes up to acknowledge the surrounding forest may be magical or dangerous. When she finds a friend from the rival band the family vendetta erupts.

And in order to flee away from such conflicts, both Ronja and Birk runs away into the forest and survive in the wilderness.

A picture on the book Ronja the robbers daughter
Instagram/ Astrid Lindgren

However, the story goes on to educate the readers on the individuality, the nature and friendship amidst many opposition. And with such valuable content the series will be exclusively available on a Nordic platform in 2023. Also the series holds up two seasons with twelve episodes each.

And this classic tale will surely take the viewers breath away.

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