Ronan Farrow revealed the chain of incidents that took place the night when Matt Lauer has raped his colleague

Matt Lauer

Ronan Farrow has written about his investigation through Harvey Weinstein’s case and has revealed something that caught everyone off guard. One of a former NBC News employee allegedly stated that then-“Today” co-anchor, Matt Lauer, had anally raped Brooke Nevils when they were both covering the Winter Olympics 2014 conducted in Sochi.

Matt Lauer was abruptly and popularly fired back in 2017 November by NBC after they have received a lot of allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior complaints against Matt Lauer throughout the year 2014. Andrew Lack, chairman of NBC News, said that it was the very first time that they have received a complaint against Matt Lauer’s behavior over 20 years of his service. Andrew Lack added that they were presented with enough evidence to believe that this incident may not have been an isolated one.

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According to the reports from Variety, in “Catch and Kill” the book by Ronan Farrow, gives the detailed Farrow’s investigation into Hollywood’s titan Harvey Weinstein’s own improprieties.

Back in 2014, when Brooke Nevils had a couple of drinks that night in Sochi with Matt Lauer and his co-anchor Meredith Vieira, Brooke Nevils had to go to Matt Lauer’s twice that night. The first time, she went to his room to retrieve the media pass that Matt Lauer has playfully taken from her. The second time, Brooke Nevils visited Matt on his invitation. According to Ronan Farrow, Brooke Nevils visited him because she basically had no reason to suspect that Matt Lauer would be anything but friendly.

When Brooke visited him the second time, he greeted her in boxers and T-shirts. Matt Lauer kissed her and then pushed her onto the bed as he kept asking if she liked anal sex. Though Brooke Nevils has denied the question, she revealed that he has painfully entered her and that he did not use a lubricant.