Rockstar Games Have Made A Generous Contribution Towards The Coronavirus Relief Programs. Check out for all details in this article.

By 4 months ago

During this time of a grave crisis the whole world is going through Rockstar has taken a step forward and will donate five percent of their revenue from Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online in order to help aid in coronavirus relief efforts.

Rockstar Has Announced A Generous Amount Of Donation Towards The Coronavirus Relief Efforts!

Moreover, the company has earlier made an announcement stating that despite the Coronavirus attack and the shift to remote work, services in Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online would not be interrupted. This uninterrupted service will allow fans to enjoy their time in quarantine a little more. The company announced this new donation new via their official Twitter account. Let us take a look at the tweet that was made by the company via Twitter.

The step taken by the company is extremely throughtful considering those players are also in the mood to purchase in-game items. This means that everything anyone buys in GTAO or RDOcan be considered a small donation to coronavirus relief.

Many Other Companies Have Also Joined In The Team And Done Similar Contributions As Well!

While we are still uncertain how the while pandemic will affect the video gaming industry, still is it surely nice to see various video game companies taking a step forward and helping the people in need.

Even another company like the Humble Bundle has also announced a coronavirus relief sale which offers over $1000 worth of video games and ebooks for just $30. While the whole  world is stuck in a rather ugly situation it is nice to see these companies actually considering the plight of the less fortunate and taking a step forward to help these people.