Rock Band “Tool” frontman Maynard James Jeenan, surprise of the week!!

Are you one of the tool fan? Absolutely, tools fans are going crazy because of the excitement.

Recently, we learned about a piece of news that came floating in the air. Finally, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan set the most awaited announcements free to the public.

Surely, next month the fans of tools are going to get their most dreamy stuff that’s a new album. Yes, you read that right you will be introduced to the new album from Tool.

They are Coming back 13 years after the release of 2006’s 10,000 Days. All the fans are highly expecting from the new record of the band which has always been mocking the publicity, and they release their albums and works by refusing to engage in any publicity.

Similarly, their constant battle with streaming services continues, and that has left fans wondering not only when their music might appear on platforms like Spotify, but when we might finally receive the upcoming record’s first single. Now, it definitely seems like we’re really close to receiving some big news.

Something from social media!

We also got something for you from Instagram; the official Tool account stated that Maynard James Keenan will make his return to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast this week to discuss a number of topics.

Well, here we aren’t disclosing those topics. And as for fans of Tools, it’s still a long-awaited dream to come true.

Moreover, Maynard also reported “making some long-awaited announcements, which is going to make their fans love them more and more and make crazy for their band.

Whereas in some news, there was a rumor in headlines that their 1991 demo tape appeared on some streaming services. But, representatives from the band confirmed that it was not official.

That was the first time that any of the group’s music was streamed. Of course, now this is making next month’s album much more exciting than anything.