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Robin Williams’ Impersonation of Jamie Costa Blew Away the Fans!

Jaime Costa wins hearts after playing the beloved actor’s role

What can be a better gift for Robin Williams fans after Jaime Costa’s wonderful imitation of the actor? Jamie lately shared the video to his YouTube channel and was flooded with appreciation and love. Costa shared a five-minute clip where he can be seen impersonating the actor.

He titled the footage as “ROBIN Test Footage Scene,” and viewers just could not do much but lauded him a lot. He was so smooth that fans were carried away the way he even took Williams’ spot-on. 

Costa impersonate Belushi’s death reaction by Williams

The way Costa managed to re-create the whole scene where William reacts to his friend’s death is heart-warming. You cannot look away from the footage where Costa as Williams tries to impersonate the late actor Robert Williams. He starts saying in the clip that John is not dead and he was with him. Costa says emotionally after Murphree reveals the comedian’s death news. 

The conversation in the clip ends with a knock on the door which was a call to return to the set. However, Costa as Williams takes his time to gather his shattered heart at that moment. He recites his lines with a crack in his voice. Later, he stands up and gets energized for his act on the set. 

Credit: YouTube | Jamie Costa

The significance of Costa’s clip

The clip is directed and edited by Jake Lewis. Other than Costa as Williams, the clip also features Sarah Murphree as Pam Dawber. The clip shows how Pam discloses the death news of John Belushi to Williams. John died at the age of 33 in 1982 due to a drug overdose at the Chateau Marmont in LA. 


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