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Robert Downey Jr’s forgotten character “Iron Man” Inspires Kid With Autism To Speak Again!!

Robert Downey Jr. or better known as Tony Stark and Iron Man, the billion-dar scientist, philanthropist, and a superhero, has become an inspiration for an autistic kid earlier this month. Downey met this kid on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in which he appeared as a guest host to substitute for Ellen. Ellen has a history of having guests hosting her show, and this time, it’s Robert Downey Jr.

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Marvel fans have been so much into Iron Man that most of them have almost forgotten the real nature of Robert. So on the show, Robert interviewed a lot of celebrities and superstars like Rami Malek and even played Ellen’s signature games like “On The Spot” with the audience.

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So about the kid, Robert Downey Jr. met this 10-year-old kid named Vincent Arambula, who recovered from being unable to speak thanks to Iron Man.

Vincent’s mother described how Vincent had lost his voice when he was just 1. His mom said that he was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. Vincent then admitted that it was really painful not to be able to communicate. He said it was so difficult to even express his basic needs to his family and friends. His parents said that his life had become a living hell.

Later, one day, Vincent’s parents bought him the famous Marvel Character Iron Man’s Helmet, played by Robert Downey Jr. Vincent’s dad said that once Vincent out on the helmet, he was able to talk. It was almost like he was himself, Iron Man. His father said that Vincent ‘Transformed Into A Different Child’ just within 24 hours.

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Robert then confessed that he was waiting for a meeting and talking with Vincent on the impact that Iron Man had on him. Robert pointed out that both of them were similar and that the mask gave them ‘a voice.’ Downey then commented on a photo of Vincent dressed and posing as Tony Stark. Robert then announced that he’d partnered up with Shutterfly and would donate $20,000 to help out the Arambula Family.

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