Robert Downey Jr. is perhaps stuck as his dream project Dolittle dooms!! Was his stardom only confined with Marvel or will he be able to work independently??

Robert Downey Jr. just completed his long dreamt project, Dolittle. The Iron Man star is busy promoting his new release about classic children’s tales.

But Dolittle proves to be a big flop to RDJ’s dreams and hard work. Various reshoots, production delays, and long-spun shifting of the release date played a major negative role. Also, the plot is based on classic fables children these days have barely read or are aware of. Reviews by the critics were also a refusal too much extent. As the reviews turned out to be bad, Richard Roeper called it “the first serious contender for Wasted Opportunity of the Decade.” Also, Our Own Steven, on the other hand, marked it as an abominable black hole of creativity and content.

Dolittle: Plot and cast


Dolittle has been completed in the direction of Stephen Gaghan. The plot is nonetheless wholly based on the 1922 children’s classic The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, written by Huge Lofting. Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas play a leading role in the movie, along with RDJ himself. Many, along with Emma Thompson and John Cena, have a major role in the voice cast.

Dolittle was the first venture of RDJ after leaving Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the movie grossed $64 million all over, it could only make up $29 million in-house. Many believed that the film would prove to be the benchmark for RDJ without any aid and stake of Marvel and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Now the failure of Dolittle can become a reason for Robert Downey Jr. to return to MCU as Iron Man even though Avengers: Endgame marked the conclusion of the series. The biggest star of the biggest movie franchise lone came up with an absolute washout. His magical charisma as the Iron Man did not work out for his career-long project, Dolittle.