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Robert Downey Jr. Confessed that the Popular Iron Man Costume Almost Blinded Him

While Iron Man had to meet a tragic end at the end of the Avengers franchise, the first Iron Man movie is the one that paved way for the rest of the Avenger franchise.

Robert Downey Jr. Makes An Interesting Revelation About The Iron Man Costume!

Recently, the leading star Robert Downey Jr. made a rather big revelation about his famous Iron Man and how it blurred his visibility for a whole on the movie sets!

The actor explained how the studio giant was avoiding any extra cost and wanted to spend little as they could on CG replacement, so when the actor had put on the helmet and when it slammed close the actor could not see anything! Robert Downey explained his situation and defined it as a Manchurian candidate! He was blinded, the helmet did not have any CGI addition at first which made it difficult for the actor to see anything on the movie set.

The Actor Calls Himself A Manchurian Candidate!

Moreover, Robert Downey Jr. confessed that by the last Avengers movie if asked, he would have refused to wear the helmet. However, the Iron Man costume was made through several modifications, and thankfully CGI became an important part of it which was later incorporated by the Marvel studio. While Tony Stark was pretty much invincible in the movie franchise, the costume did blur his vision!

The Iron Man costume is loved by Marvel fans and went through various hi-tech additions with time, while Tony Stark has to die in order to save the world from the atrocities of Thanos, the costume will forever remain a special one for each and every Marvel fanatic out there!

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