Robert De Niro’s House was Almost Robbed in the New York City

Robert De Niro: Woman ‘tried to steal actor’s gifts’ from under tree in NYC

A strange news came out in New York City (NYC) during this Christmas week going on. A woman was allegedly found stealing presents from beneath the Robert De Niro’s Christmas tree. This incident took place in NYC.

Photo Credit: Evan Agostini

The woman who attempted the theft was already noticed by the civil authorities. She was noticed in the cameras while entering the building and was being suspected. The gifts which she tried to steal were expensive and costed very high. This kind of theft was suspected by the police in many cases during this season.


Robert De Niro came downstairs after this incident to talk to the media. She was looking fine and talked well to the media. A spokesperson of Robert De Niro also talked to media. He said that Niro is alright and was unhappy by the incident. She had no comment on this. The police said that the suspect was caught in the living room where she attempted all this. She attempted to put the presents from tree into her bag. The police officers came there following the lady. They were unknown about the fact that the apartment they are going in was Niro’s.

There is more investigation going on this incident. The woman is taken under custody and full time observation by the police. The police has put charges on her and all her actions will be observed is promised by them. Some charges on her were still pending.

De Niro is celebrated American Star who has worked in many big movies. He has won Two-time Academy Award. He was born and raised in Manhattan. Such cases leave a very bad impression on big festivals. It is unfortunate that people still resort to all such things rather than earning on their own.