Robert De Niro reveals shocking news about his family in a candid interview!

According to a recent interview with ET Canada, Robert De Niro, the legendary actor, opened up about his approach to fatherhood and his love language with his children. De Niro emphasized the importance of being loving with his kids but acknowledged that sometimes he has to be stern as well. He believes that every parent wants to do the right thing for their children, but sometimes they have to lay down the law.

De Niro also revealed that he is now a father of seven, despite the interviewer mentioning that he has six children. He confirmed that he recently had a baby, but the mother’s identity remains unknown.

When asked if he considers himself a cool dad, De Niro admitted that his kids may not always agree with him, but they are respectful. He also mentioned that his youngest child, the seventh one, will bring more to come.

De Niro has been married twice and has children from his previous relationships. He shares two children with his first wife and two children with his ex-wife. He also has twin sons from a former girlfriend.