Amethyst Amelia Kelly, born on 7 June 1990. This name is not quite popular, this young lady is popular with her name as Iggy Azalea. She is an Australian rapper, singer, model, and music video director.

She became popular with her first debut studio album, The New Classic in 2014. Moreover, this young talented lady has been in controversies for her song “D.R.U.G.S”. She is currently dating Jordan Terrel Carter, rather they are living together in a rental mansion as reportedly said. Jordan is professionally known by Playboy Carti, was born on September 13, 1996.

He is an American rapper , singer and songwriter. Recently reported that some burglar broke into their Atlanta mansion and robbed around $350000 worth of jewellery in around 10 minutes. This incident took place on November 14 at night. Azalea was at the mansion. The back door of the mansion was purposely left unlocked for Carti, as said by Azalea.

As recorded in CCTV footage, the burglar was wearing a dark mask and gloves. The burglar entered through back door and stole jewelry kept in a designer bag in the dining room of the house. The burglar with the bag left the house in approximately eight minutes. The robbed items included seven diamond rings worth $70000, an engagement ring, and two rose gold diamond chains with custom baby T-rex tooth fossil pendants encrusted with pink diamonds valued at $30000.

The bag also contained some belongings of Carti, including watches and a custom chain. The estimation of Cart’s belongings is not yet done. The investigation is progress. This robbery is clearly due to the not properly handling of precious things and also due to the carelessness of the couple.

It seems these dollars mean nothing to them the way they kept them. But from this robbery, another thing is creating questions in the minds of readers that the engagement ring which is mentioned in reports belongs to whom. As per reports, the dilemma will be revealed soon by this couple.