Riverdale: The Teen Drama is Confirmed to Return with Season 5 in 2021. Check Out All the Details

Fasten your seat belts for another season of fun because Riverdale has officially been renewed for the next season, which will be the fifth season. The show was renewed in January, alongside a few other shows.

As of right now, it’s uncertain when season 5 will release. Season 4 was supposed to end with the protagonists graduating from their high school. However, due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, shooting the last few episodes of the season is on pause.

Is Season 5 Confirmed?

Yes, Season 5 of the popular teen drama got green signal for a new season in January this year.

Release Date:

It was initially expected to release around October 2020, but there wasn’t any confirmation. And now, going by the pandemic, it seems highly unlikely that show would return this year. Hence it will be safe to assume that Riverdale season 5 might release only in 2021.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, filming schedules have either been put on hold or postponed to a later date. Filming for Riverdale was supposed to have begun in July 2020, but given the circumstances, shooting could be delayed. However fans will be happy to know that as of April 7th 2020, writing on season 5 has begun.

Riverdale will air in the US on The CW on Wednesday night and will stream on Netflix the next day i.e Thursday for everyone in the UK or other countries. The season is expected to consist of around 20 to 22 episodes as it has been the pattern in all the seasons.

Credit: The CW

Writer of the show, Ted Sullivan has confirmed on Twitter that season 5 will pick up with the remaining three episodes of season 4, two of which have not been filmed yet.


Season 4 left fans on a mysterious note regarding Jughead’s  surrounding hence it is likely that Cole Sprouse will be seen in season 5. All the other main characters will be seen in the season.

Skeet Ulrich and Marisol Nichols will not be seen in season 5. However, it is possible that both could make a re-entry at a later point in the show.

Fans have been speculating that season 5 will begin with a time jump, where the teenagers are shown in their twenties. In an interview with The Today Show, Skeet Ulrich confirmed that there will indeed be  5 year time-jump.