Riverdale season 4 trailer dropped and we do not know what has happened to Betty…..is she going to make it out alive?

The characters on the CW hit series Riverdale do not seem to have the lives of normal. As they deal with cult leaders who enjoy harvesting organs, demented games, they tend to have a lot of hectic schedules that most people would anticipate.

In the finale of season three, we saw the core team of the Riverdale gang enjoying milkshakes at the Pop’s Chock’ lit Shoppe, and the audience has all assumed that the core four might be in for a totally normal senior year.

In a complete flash-forward at the end of the season, we saw Betty Cooper, Archie, and Veronica all covered in blood, and Betty starts instructing Archie to burn all of their clothes. All seems fine until Betty murmurs to Archie to even burn Jughead’s beanie, marking this as the most savage moment of the Riverdale history.

Riverdale season 4 trailer dropped and we do not know what has happened to Betty.....is she going to make it out alive? 1
Image: Cosmopolitan

Jughead Jones and his famous signature item, his jeans, have been brutally torn apart, and by looking at the chain of events, this does not seem good at all.

With Betty instructing Archie to set Jughead’s beanie on fire, Bugnhead fans have stirred up into their panic modes for the last four months.

Now that the CW has released the trailer of the season 4 of Riverdale, we probably can stop our brains from thinking more of absurd ways that the season 4 might go on. As per Jughead Jones, he still missing, and we can see at the start of the trailer that they are still searching for him through the forest.

Many fan theories might sound as insane as ever, but in the world of Riverdale, we might not know what can or can not happen. But theories are……theories, and we might not know what will happen in season 4. But the trailer is very assuring that whatever it is, we will be tuned.