Riverdale season 4, episode 3 review, Edgar: first the organ harvester, now the rocketman!!

The latest show of season 4, episode 3 of Riverdale, seemed to have an exciting and thrilling plot. Is Edgar, the owner of organ harvesting, so easily going to get away with a rocket? Well, a lot of questions rose before this episode started. For the ones who haven’t seen it yet, maybe a little spoiler regarding the rocket man would urge you to watch the entire episode.

Under 24 hours of surveillance, Betty and Charles could locate where Edgar and Farmies were hiding. It happens to be in a motel owned by one of Edgar’s followers. To get more information about the place, Charles sends an undercover agent as a pizza delivery boy, who in no time, is gunned down. Edgar then warns them to stop doing silly things.

To prove his good faith, Edgar releases one hostage (Polly: Betty’s sister) with a ticking bomb attached and strapped to Polly’s chest. The moment Betty sees her sister, she rushes to defuse the bomb; astonishingly, not the FBI agents but Betty reaches out, trying to diffuse the bomb with her hairpin. Luckily she manages to diffuse the bomb a few seconds before everything went wrong. Betty then asks Polly to help her out in getting Edgar down, but in response, she says no one has enough power as Edgar, who can get him down. There’s no other option than to fulfill his demand of getting him $250, 000, passports and a bus for transport.

Betty then asks Veronica to help her out with the money; at first, she refused to help to pay such a heavy amount, but later, she helps her by giving away her Glamourge eggs, which cost enough to cover the amount of money that was demanded. Later she asks Tony to help her out with the passports. Getting ready with all her parts, she leaves for the motel.

With a demonic laugh, Edgar enters welcoming Betty, where she demands to hand over his things only after he released her mother, but Evelyn knocks Betty down to the ground. Later in the morning, Betty founds herself waking up in the motel room next to Alice (mother), where they’ve been tied up strongly.

Finally, Edgar’s master plan is revealed where he’s set up an exit plan with Evelyn driving the bus full of Farmies off a cliff as a distraction while Edgar takes off in his rocket. Alice and Betty plan to take Evelyn down; soon, they succeed in knocking her off and rush to towards the bus where people were boarded off. Suddenly Alice sees Edgar dressed in Evel Knievel jumpsuit and asks Betty to hand over the gun as she’d ask Edgar to stop.

As Alice reaches the destination where Edgar is all set to fly off, she points her gun at him no doubt, Edgar too points his gun back, but within seconds, gunshots are heard. The moment Betty arrives, she founds Alice standing alive while Edgar is shot dead. Thus, Edgar descends.

The episode has a lot to see more about what happens further in Veronica, Jughead, Archie, and others’ lives too. Don’t forget to watch the episode