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Riverdale Actor KJ Apa Has Made A Shocking Revelation About The Show And Fans Are Happy To Know! We might get to see the Riverdale cast for three more years!! Read to know all details.

KJ Apa, who stars as Archie Andrews who stars on the popular show Riverdale Riverdale has made some major revelation about the show and fans are quite excited about the revelation. Let us take a look at what the secret is all about.

Riverdale Actor KJ Apa Has Made A Huge Revelation Regarding The Show And Fans Are Shook!

The show is produced by Warner Bros and is loosely based on the adaptation from the Archies Comics’ characters. The show has garnered quite a fan following over time. The show has been renewed yet again and fans are eagerly looking forward to it.

It seems like the actor is not the one who likes to keep secrets to himself, the actor said in an exclusive interview that he has been signed up for the show till 2023. This is indeed big news as it makes things clear that exactly for how many years the show is going to air.

The Actor Has Given Away A Major Spoiler And Fans Are More Than Happy.

This also gives rise to a lot of speculation and anxiety as the season is then for free seasons. Or maybe the actor might be leaving the show after the mentioned year? Anything can be possible at this point. However, fans are more than happy to know that the show is not leaving anytime soon.

Recently, the shooting of the show is temporarily halted as one of the crew members might have tested positive for COVID-19. To ensure safety and that no one else contracts the deadly disease, the shooting has been withheld until further notice. Warner Bros. has halted almost al the working show to ensure safety of all those who are involved.

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