Rihanna Got Herself Involved In A Fiery Instagram Feud Between Rapper Benzino and Royce Da 5’9!

Singing sensation Rihanna recently came in support of popular artists when he got involved in a social media feud and while the Umbrella hitmaker kept things short and to the point, she defended Royce Da 5’9″ posted on Instagram carter he dissed Boston rapper, Benzino, in a feud.

Umbrella Hitmaker Rihanna Came In Support Of Royce Da 5’9!

The whole feud took place in the first place when rapper Benzino went on social media and started dissing against Eminem and his fans. Rihanna got involved in the drama as she dropped a emoji shaking its head and indirectly saying that she is not with Benzino in this feud.

However, Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9″ who is one of Eminem’s closest friends and collaborators was not going to see his friend getting roasted and soon went on Instagram to attack Benzino. He took a shot at Benzino’s recent D’Angelo-like video and called him out by saying that he is desperate! Royce Da retweeted this piece of information as week that includes Rihanna and what she thinks about the feud between the two.

The Whole Feud Took An Ugly Turn On Social Media!

Benzino soon responded by making a rather strong claim that says he would destroy Royce Da in a Verzuz battle!Royce responded with a few sarcastic comebacks while totally laughing off at the challenge thrown at him by Benzino!

The whole social media feud is going for quite a while now and now it involves photo posts and name calling as well, with many names getting involved in this, we wonder how far will this dissing go. As of now both their Instagram posts are filled with indirect taunts for each other.