Rihanna and Drake are flirting hard during their quarantine days on Instagram! What are these two up to? Read to know all details.

Drake got exhausted during quarantine and chose to prod his rumoured ex, Rihanna. In any case, rather than sending a humiliating answer to her Instagram story, he did it in DJ Spade’s IG Live talk and got openly shut down. Rihanna has been swatting endlessly fans for quite a long time. Drake is nothing. But since she’s a considerate sovereign, Rihanna gave him three strikes.

The amicable previous blazes were spotted trading perky chitchat with one another in the remarks area of DJ Spade’s Instagram Live yesterday. Screenshots from fans caught the whole interaction.


At one point, Drake addresses the Fenty Beauty founder by her first name, writing, “Robyn you can’t buy him A one hot spot.” He later adds, “DUB PLATE COME PRETTY LIKE A FENTY FOUNDATION.”

Finally, he came for R9, the quickest way to get Rihanna to ether you nowadays. “Rihanna drop R12 right now,” were his last words. “Give drake some water,” Rihanna said in the chat, not even addressing him directly.

Drake takes the jab heartily, responding, “Hahahahhahahaha you have a bad attitude @badgalriri.”

Rihanna, who supposedly said a final farewell to long-lasting beau Hassan Jameel, as of late revived her fellowship with Drake. The exes were spotted hanging out at the Yams Day good cause appear at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn prior this year.

Drake is now clearly thirsting after Ms Robyn Rihanna Fenty on Instagram, and it is truly a sight to remember Drake’s thirst for her.

And just like those other purple devil emoji guys, when he got pressed, Drake blamed it on her “bad attitude.” Give it a few months. We’ll all be dancing to a Drake single called “Bad Attitude” post-coronavirus.